Monday, June 8, 2009

I did it.... well sort of...

Two weeks ago I got this insane idea to knit a freaking scarf. I don't know how to knit, I remember attempting it in Primary School for a Home Economics project but if I remember correctly I cheated and got my mother to do it for me. So when I woke up with this crazy idea to knit I was half excited half nervous.

Attempt 1:

Started off with casting on 40 stitches. (Cheated and got my mom to start it) I knitted about 40 rows. For the life of me I could not figure out why the wool was no longer fitting onto the needles. Count stitches, fluck 94. How the hell???

Attempt 2:

Started off with casting on 40 stitches. (Cheated and got my mom to start it again) Hmmmm, come on you have to be kidding me... 66 stitches. Pull it all apart and go buy different wool. It has to be the wool right?

Attempt 3:

Started off with casting on 35 stitches. (Of course cheated and got my mom to start it) Went well until I felt that it seemed to wide for my liking. Pull it all out again and restart....

Attempt 4:

Yes yes, mom casted the stitches on for me again, 26 this time...... All went very well until Saturday when I just gave up. It wasn't long enough for an adult to wear and I decided to hang up my knitting needles. My adorable McK decided that the scarf was perfect for her. So she has been modeling it since Saturday morning.

Here is the pic. (Excuse the half asleep grumpy 5 year old)


So this was my secret new hobby/project that I have been working on for the last 2 weeks. I have decided that it's not my thing.

Oh, this pic below was taken 10 minutes before the above scarf pic. LOL


Imagine being ripped out of bed to pose with a scarf.... LOL I would be pretty p*ssed off too....


Nicki said...

Shame man, how can u wake such a sleeping beauty!?!

The scarf well hummmm it's great! LOL

Jodie said...

You crack me up!! Good on you for giving it a go!