Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baking Maybe's

I always wonder if bloggers come up with their quirky titles first, or do they write the entry and then the title comes to mind. Cause I got nothing. Not that my titles are anything award winning or quirky. They (being mine) mostly irritate me and I leave it out. Does the title make you want to read the entry? Just wondering.

So I wrote an eBook not so long ago. Yeah you wouldn't say so by the lack in quality of blog posts I've been submitting the last few months. Blogging just got a bit ARGH *insert rolling eyes* for me. Lets say I hit a bloggers block. It just started feeling like I was writing the same thing over and over again. Moaning and complaining, nagging and b*tching. All so mundane. I couldn't even care to fix spelling mistakes or grammar. I also thought "I better just write something just in case someone was actually reading".

Anyway, back to the eBook. "Baking Maybe's" Yeah kind of a spin off from baking a bun in the oven..... Baking a maybe.... that maybe I'm pregnant kind of thing. Now that is a quirky title. Which I didn't come up with. It was my assistant at 2am in the morning many many moons ago. We decided to release the eBook "internationally", which in itself is pretty cool. My assistant (aka my dad) has been setting up Credit Card Payment facilities on my site in order for this to happen. He has also been hard at work, designing my new "landing page" for the MB site. I know I said I was hard at work on it, but do you know how much hard work it is to sit here and criticize and make him do it over and over again. Fix that colour, fix that sentence. Believe me it's no easy task. I break out into a sweat.

(I quickly went and had a look in my blog archive if I have ever mentioned "Baking Maybe's" and see that I haven't. Strange. Just goes to show in true Marcelle style I don't blow my own horn.)

So what is the eBook about? Some ramblings about infertility, specifically my infertility and then some useful need to know TTC advice/tips. It's hard to "review" your own work, but from what I hear and read, women actually loved it. My assistant says "of course they did, it's great"... Ja ja... I don't even own a horn.

We are just trying to get the links to work for the new landing page, it does work on my google stuff. (I'm sure there is a better word than "stuff" but my assistant is busy so I'm not going to bother him for the right technical jargon.)

DH and Sister Nicky got better acquainted this morning at the Lab. I think even she was impressed that DH decided to use the Lab bathroom and not produce the sample at home. Which may I add I'm so happy and relieved about. I was so concerned that it wouldn't be accurate, that the boys would either freeze to death or get scorched while trying to keep them warm on their 20 minute car ride. So yes, my DH is a star for doing it at the lab. Of course I had a million questions when he got back to the office. I wasn't liking the one word answers I was getting.

"How was it?"
"So you done?"
"Did you spill"
"Did you ask her to fax the results to us as well?"
"Was she hot?" (meaning the nurse, we had joked about it in the car before he went)
"Stop being ridiculous now and no she was old"

Another 7 days until we get those results and 7 days later we will be sitting in Dr Lovely's office discussing "What now". 14 days, another 2ww of a different kind.

Coming back to my assistant. Couldn't have asked for a better one! Thank you so so much for all the hard work this week. :)

I keep having to come back and edit this post. I have added a "download" sample extract from the eBook. :) Give me your thoughts.


Jodie said...

I would happy to be a reviewer for your E-book, heck I maybe able to add a few bits and peices into the frey if you would like.

As for your DH, that cracks me up. When we have done them at home he wanted help, when he has done them at the clinic he refused my help and refused to give a straight answer afterwards. MEN!

Rentia said...

I love the spin-off Baking Maybe's, it makes sense if you think about it...

You are so creative!

Will certainly review yr book.