Monday, June 22, 2009

My girls, you know who you are......

We have been through infertility's sorrow and pain. But together we have supported each other through this storm.

We have cried, laughed and sighed. We have cursed, thrown air punches and cracked.

We have danced around in circles and battled to see our keyboards through the tears.

We have shared our deepest secrets and fears. We know when something is wrong and together we can see the light at the end of our very dark tunnel.

No one will understand the connection, the relationship, the love and respect.

Although we are miles and miles apart, with just one click you are in my heart!!


We will be back to the 3 column blog tomorrow. I clicked something and well the rest is history. I'm off to watch movies with my family :) good night all


The Swann's said...

Oh I love you my dear Marcelle!!!!!! ((((((HUGS)))))) I'm so privilaged to have traveled this journey with you and the rest of the gals! One day... Oh, one Day... :-)

Nicki said...

Wow that brought tears to my eyes! You are such a wonderful special person & I love you lots!
Knowing you & being able to chat with you brightens the day.