Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our next POA

I’m trying to type but my fingers are frozen!!! Ouch!!!

Ok, ummm I don’t want to go into too much details about my “extra personal life”. But we have had some issues this week that have turned our TTC world (and private world) up side down. But plans have been put in place to bring order to it and hopefully soon everything will be back on track.

Next…. Yesterday….. Our appointment with Dr. Lovely.

Firstly our appt was for 1pm. He was running so late, only got to see him at 3pm. Now if I didn’t love him this much I would have been p*ssed. But I do love him, and would have waited till 5pm to see him. Going to break down the appt into sections, so bear with me.

My Results

Everything is beautiful. Blood work came back perfect. Pap smear came back excellent (he said) I was worried about this, since I have in the past had issues with Cancer cells. So this was a relief. My prog test – stunning (he says). So I obviously have nothing hormonal wrong with me.

DH’s Results.

Over all good. Excellent count . (Through the roof – he said). Motility has increased from 50% to 66%. Which is very good news for us. Since his motility rates last time weren’t that great. The only problem is the morphology it’s come down again. 11%. Yes I know not a train smash (he said). But Dr. Lovely is concerned about it.

What now?

Dr. Lovely first wants to get DH’s sperm health up a bit. Says he wants to better our chances. Why work with slightly offish sperm when we can have the best. He gave me the choice of having a LAP done now to check for blocked tubes and what not. Or said we could give ourselves 2-3 months then book the LAP.

That we treat the second infertility once DH is in sperm fit shape (his words). I had to laugh we he said “I guarantee you that mamma will be pregnant by September/October”.


We give 2-3 months for DH to get his sperm morphology up. How? Well, he needs to stop smoking Nr. 1 and then go on a sperm supplement. We could chose Fertipil Plus or Spermaid.

(See Dr Lovely promotes Fertipil Plus, I sell Fertipil Plus. Match made in Heaven, don’t you think)

He also asked if DH did any strenuous exercise. To which I said, unless you count one golf game a month. To which Dr. Lovely said “No, but golf is excellent for increasing sperm." LOL.

When September comes, I will go see Dr. Lovely to set up the Lap.

Am I ok with this?

Yes, perfect. It all works out for us actually. With all the drama this week, this 2-3 month period is actually a welcomed break. We need some time to get ourselves sorted out. We have some issues to work out, both emotionally and financially. So this is the perfect plan for us.

Am I really ok with this?

My heart is a bit sore. I wanted a solution straight away. It was a tough afternoon. Infertility is not for sissy’s. It’s hard to put logic above emotional need. It was hard sitting in a reception room for 2 hours being surrounded by heavily pregnant women. It was hard listening to heart beats of tiny babies. (Yes the walls aren't that thick there). It was very hard, because I want this so badly.

I cried most of the way home after I dropped DH off at work. But I know this is the best POA for me, for my family.

So technically we are going on a TTC break till September. No official trying. DH has to stop smoking (LOL) and go onto supplements. I have to continue Ovulating so beautifully. We pick up the pieces in September again.

Thanks for everyone’s good wishes and worry over me this week. It’s much appreciated!!!

But I promise you I’m ok. I’ve been better, but I’m ok……


Anne said...

I am glad you have a POA .... I am praying for you :) (hugs)

Annie Kates said...

I love this POA. I also love your doctor. Those RE's always running late, but so worth it when you have that baby in your arms. I'm hoping that those swimmers get their act together. Positive vibes are heading your dh's way.

Nicki said...

Aai my friend, sorry you didn't get immediate solutions, but your poa is excellent! Sept is not that too far off & I know this doctor will get you pg soon!!! ((((huge hugs)))