Tuesday, June 9, 2009


What a way to start my morning..... I had this whole post in mind but I've hit a blank after reading some awesome news. Our dear blogger, Xbox is going to be a daddy! I call him Our dear blogger, because unknown it to him he does still have a few South African lurkers that read his blog daily and have been waiting for this day. Awesomeness beyond.....

Some TTC updates from my side. DH goes this Thursday for the SA. So no BD this week. It's CD12 today, I usually O on CD12. Haven't noticed anything as of yet that relates to O. I'm still spotting??? WTF??? We then see Doctor Lovely on 26 June for the results of both our tests. So bring on this 2ww, going to be an interesting one!


Martin said...

Thanks so much.

We are thrilled.

And I actually AM aware of a few SA lurkers!