Monday, June 15, 2009

McKenna's new BFF!!

This weekend started out with my brother, Uncle Precious, making the decision to buy McK a pet. Her first pet. I said nonsense man she does have pets. We have a tank full of Malawi Chiclids. Fish make great pets! I was laughed at.

Around the dinner table on Friday night, Uncle Precious and McK started talking and negotiating. Everything from snakes to tarantula's to kittens back to tarantula's. More talk of snakes. Imagine my eyes growing wider and wider. Luckily my girlie is a girlie girl. No snakes or spiders for her. Her eyes beamed at the thought of a kitten. I kicked my brother under the table. Gave him that glare of don't you freaking dare bring a cat into my house. (I'm not a cat person or a dog person, it's ok to have them I just don't want them. We are fish people.)

Saturday afternoon Uncle Precious came home with this cute little critter. Her name is Gabriella. Yes after High School Musical. Do you really think McK would have called her anything else? Gabby went to the shops with us. Went visiting Grandma and Grandpa's house. Went jacuzzing at Mathi and Hanlie's place (ok she didn't get in but was in close proximity to the jacuzzi).

I tried to get a pic of little Miss G. But she doesn't stay still. All pics are blurred so here is a google image of her. Introducing the newest member to the Murray household: (they all look pretty much the same anyway, so if I didn't say anything you would have thought it was her anyway LOL)


I wonder if she's ok at home. McK wanted to bring her with to the office today, but I decided that she needed to stay at home rather. I think they are safer in their cages where they belong and not gallivanting all over the place.


squirrelgirl said...

OMG, how adorable! Or at least, her Google species representative is cute. I'm a warm & fuzzy critter person so I wholeheartedly approve of the new pet :)

Unknown said...

Ahhh -- she is so cute! Im sure McKenna is in her element! Have a good public holiday! Megan and Keaton