Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Check my Ticker

It seems so weird to read day 26 of 26, a home pregnancy test may work today (or something along those lines). If I didn't temp earlier this cycle, I guess I would be slightly excited. I mean last day of cycle, no spotting. LOL. But in reality I'm only 10dpo today. (Check Chart) So I'm still at least 3 days away from AF's arrival as well as 3 days away from our doc appt.

Still waiting for the SA results. Apparently the nurse sent it to the wrong fax number. Some poor person is busy reading my DH's SA results. LOL. Hopefully I'll still get it today, other wise I'm marching (ok driving) myself over to the lab and going to pick up a copy of the results tomorrow. It's insane that you have to wait like this.

There are some exciting things possibly happening to us. I really hope it all works out. Please let it work out!! Sorry I can't reveal too much. In fear that I jinx it or have to apologize for all the excitement.