Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maybe sorry.....

CD21 today, obviously since yesterday was CD20. That's a no brainer. LOL. I'm getting rather anxious. I really hope DH's SA results come through today. I need them. I need to see them before the doc sees them. I couldn't be bothered about my results, so I can wait till next week. One more week. I'm just hoping DH's work doesn't get all weird about him having to take time off to go to the appt. Some people just don't get infertility. (I had another paragraph written but decided to erase it, it describes exactly what I think of a certain person - replaced his title with the word work)

I We had a rough night. Between the thunder, DH's snoring, McK's teeth grinding and climbing into our bed 6x times during the night. You can only imagine how much sleep I we got. Of course when I complained to DH about the lack of sleep he insisted that he didn't sleep either. Hence the I. But I had to laugh at 5:30am. McK turns around and cuddles up to me. She says "mommy I'm maybe sorry." What do you mean Maybe sorry. "ummm, I let out a fart and it might stink". Got to love that child!


Rentia said...

That is so cute!!


nix said...

Ag man - kiddies say the cutest wisest things;-)