Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CD20 seems so weird....

To be CD20 and only possibly be 4dpo. Usually by CD20 I have this nagging urge to test because I'm 8dpo already and so hoping to be one of those lucky ones that get their BFP on 8dpo. Even if it is a faint squint and tilt to 45 degree angle line.

What will the next 10 days bring us of this particular 2ww. We should receive DH's SA results tomorrow or Friday. I keep looking out for the fax. Wish it was here already. Not that I can do anything with it. But I want to see if it's any worse or better than the last SA done in 2007.

Then it's the all important appointment on the 26th. I'm hoping that doc will send me for a LAP. Although I have a feeling we might go down the Clomid road again. So my appt will be right on time if we need to start any fertility treatment. 13dpo. Perfect timing for a change.

I know a lot of my mommy friends read my blog, so I thought I would show off the new Making Babies Directory Ad. Just click here to see it. Also browse through the site, there are a lot of great articles written by parents.

That's it from me. Oh those that couldn't make out what type of critter Gabriella is: She is a dwarf hamster. :)


Ele said...

good luck for the results! :D