Monday, April 21, 2008

This has not been the best of cycles - mood wise. I’m suffering terribly from raging fits of crying or screaming. I honestly don’t know how my family puts up with me. Never mind my DH who is always in the perfect line of fire. I’m balancing on the edge all the time. Be careful you don’t step on the egg shells that surround me. The slightest thing sets me off into a fire breathing dragon. Although I am trying to keep my cool, I find myself seething silently. Constantly.

Sign a bad mood

The only place where I’m not fighting with someone is on the forums. So count yourself lucky, you don’t get to see that side of me. I’m down right nasty. Maybe because I can cover up my mood with a few words. It is a lot easier than reality.

We had a meet up on Saturday with some of my local TTC friends. It’s always weird meeting “strangers”, even though I’ve known most of them for months through cyber space. That nervousness and shyness of exposing yourself and not hiding behind a keyboard. But it was very cool. I enjoyed the meeting, and only hope we can do it more often.


So it’s the 1ww creeping up on us. I’ve started temping again. Well sort of. Will see how the week goes. If I temp, then I temp. If not, too bad. Having a thermometer in my mouth at 5:30 every morning isn’t going to get me pregnant.

I’ve developed this strange fascination with the TV program: “The Girls Next Door.” Yeah the Play Girls…. Can I blame that on Clomid??? I’m usually an earlier sleeper, but this last week, I find myself watching reruns late at night. I even cried at some of the episodes… Yes, I cried while watching “The Girls Next Door”. Hence the title of this post……..