Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Talking about my wonderful cycle 24 for which I had so much hope and faith.


But putting on my brave face.... what is a girl to do right?

A 2008 baby is now totally out of the question. sad face

One thing I have managed to do according to my Gyn instruction is to "de-stress". With some recent changes in our lives the last 4 days and DH getting another side line job. Most of our stress has been lifted. Therefore hopefully I can start to relax more and just and just...

I dont know what that "just" is....

I'm devastated ok.... totally.... Nothing anyone says today will make it better. NOTHING.

How long can one carry on before admitting defeat and accepting that just maybe it isn't going to happen?

I know I'll feel better tomorrow or maybe Thursday. But today I need to be angry. I need to throw some things around, scream at my DH and maybe go out and buy that chocolate I was so lus for yesterday. But thought no, you've been doing so good without all the sugar.

Another thing I really really need to start doing is, getting back to my excercise schedule. With this last crazy month, it kind of took a back seat. I need to get my butt in gear. Work off all this pent up anger. Might do me the world of good.