Monday, April 7, 2008

New cycle, new hair colour

I think I’ve gathered up all the baby dust I can for this next cycle, and we are ready to get this show on the road. Although I will be making pit stops now and then for a little bit of encouragement and positive vibes.

Every new cycle brings new hope. New faith. New excitement. The sadness of AF arriving has been washed away. Making way for day dreaming of little feet and sweet smelling baby lotions. I love the renewed energy, although I still try to keep things in perspective and not to get ahead of myself. After all, we’ve been here before time and time again.

Anyway I better be off, its way past McKenna’s bed time. I think she had a rough day at school today. Because she was rather tired when I picked her up. It was one tantrum after the other. Even when we went to go buy hair dye. She insisted that I buy this cherry red colour. Needless to say I carried her kicking and screaming out of the shop. There are some things I will let her get away with, but picking mommy’s hair colour is not one of them.