Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is a first......

My DH is always the one with the luck. He will enter comps left right and center, and most of the times he wins. I've always been so envious of him until now.... This morning I opened my mail box and there was an email. FOR ME. I WON!!! I'm super excited.

Behind the scenes today is going to be a really crappy day. (sorry no details allowed) But I'm hoping that this little win of mine is a sign that today is going to be OK. Please let it be OK.

So what did I win :) Check out this blog - TTC Connections She has some awesome giveaways and just found out that she is PG against odds from her Doc. Amazing huh. :)

Today feels so odd. Keep having to remind myself that it's Tuesday and not Monday. Some times these public holidays can really mess things up. Just slightly.

Could I ask that you please keep me and DH in your thoughts today? Hopefully the outcome won't be so bad, and things can just return to normal. Please.


Ele said...

I'm always thinking of you hon, but will send out all the positive vibes for you and your DH that I can!

lots of love

squirrelgirl said...


Theta Mom said...

Positive energy headed your way! :)

The Swann's said...

Lots of positive vibes for Craig! I am going to see what exactly you won! That's so exciting! :-)

Chanda said...

Congratulations and positive vibes coming your way!