Saturday, August 1, 2009

Someone didn't get the memo

We are having crazy weather here! It's the 1st of August (gulp) and this weather is unbelievable. Not only are we FREEZING our asses off. But it's hailing and raining. It's so not typical for this time of year and this country!


Probably about the closet we will get to "snow" LOL

Cycle news. Seems that this 43rd cycle is going to be more or less like cycle 42. I have loads of EWCM. Which is so "murphy's law", you know I take a break and get beautiful fertile cm. *rolls eyes*. CD10 same as last cycle. Guess I'll be Oing within the next 2 days. Same as last cycle. Yes, I'm paying attention. Just every so slightly. A girl can dream right?

I see our ticker to the right says 1 more month until we start TTC again. But I think we will only start late September, so that is more like another 2 months or less.

Flu wise, I think we have a break through. Still sitting with the sore throat and stuffy nose, but at least I feel human again.

I'm waiting patiently for 2 of my friends to go into labour! Kelley who doesn't blog hehe, and Krissy. Also a sister of another good friend. So that is 3 babies who will be entering the world over the next few days.

We also received the news of our 4th Making Babies baby, little Andrew was born on Thursday 30 July!!! Congrats Marshall family.

Anyway, let me go try and warm up...... Have a good weekend everyone! x


The Fat Chick said...

Thank you for the blog mention, and I'm glad you're feeling human again! Weird weather I think is everywhere this year. Generally during summer months we here in WA, USA get a high of in the 90's farenheit and we've been in the 110's!! WTH??? LOL