Wednesday, August 5, 2009

eMail issues....

If there is one thing that irritates me beyond anything it's having eMail issues!!! Especially when I'm expecting important mail orders to come through. It's like the world is against me, when I'm finally excited about something.....

Hopefully it will be sorted out in the next few hours. If you are sending me mail to and it's bouncing (which it will) please send the mail to ......... (never mind we have managed to fix the problems.) But yes, if you did send me mail today and it bounced, please resend it :)


Cycle news... LOL.... you know I can't help myself. I think I only Oed last night to be exact. MoFo cramping went on, sure I popped 10 eggs out at once. LOL. Are we covered? ........... of course...... ;-) As you can see I'm handling this "on a break" stuff much better these days. LOL

It's picture day at school today. I braided McK's hair. Hope it holds. Hope she smiles for the camera, and none of those dorky grins. :)

You can expect a cool review tomorrow of a certain new product. Watch this space.