Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking Supplements (or any TTC advice)

I think the one thing that irritates me about TTC is that people tend to only look for a quick fix. They read about a product or a technique and figure they will give it a shot and hopefully fall pregnant too. I’m just as guilty of trying certain supplements once or taking someone's advice for one cycle. Only to throw it out the window the day AF arrives. Cursing that it never worked for me that month.

But the reality is…. With all supplements you need to give your body at least 3 months before giving up on it and moving on. You can compare it to taking antibiotics. You know your doctor insists that you finish the course of meds. You take the meds for the whole duration, otherwise it's not going to make you better.

It’s the same with TTC supplements or products. I was reading an International based TTC forum yesterday and noticed how many people were just giving up after one cycle. You can’t just start taking a supplement and then just because you haven’t noticed anything different or pregnancy achieved decide that it isn’t going to work for you. You need to keep at it. Tone your body and let the supplements work for you. Even if it does take 3 months! (Not that it’s guaranteed to work in 3 months either, could take a little bit longer. Sorry had to throw that disclaimer in there before I get bombarded with emails.)

It's the same with taking your Basal Body Temperature (BBT). You can't give up after one month of charting. You need a few charting months to get to know your body. I remember when I started charting way back when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth. I seriously thought I was PG the first month charting. Everything pointed to being PG. Only after a few cycles charting, did I realize that my body was going through it's own pattern. Every month without fail. I could rely on my charts to ease my heart towards the end of the 2ww.

I get frustrated when people give up after one month on a certain "plan of action". Yes I understand your frustration because you want to be PG right now. But you really need to give your body time to absorb the supplements and WORK. I have had clients fall pregnant the first month using supplements, but the general trend is only after a few cycles once their bodies have adjusted.

Especially the men supplements. Remember sperm take 70 days (or so) to produce. Any changes (positive or negative) you make today will only affect the boys who come into play in 2-3 months time. You can’t really do anything about the sperm that is already waiting in the side lines. They have already matured and getting ready for action.

Now, if you have been taking supplements for 6 months or more. We need to start looking for reasons why it isn't working. Are you timing your ovulation and BD correctly? Have you had your partner's sperm tested? Have you investigated the possibility that you could have blocked tubes? Go see your doctor. :)

I apologize for the sort of vent session. But I just don’t want people giving up. Don’t GIVE UP. I see so much heart ache daily, but when someone gets their BFP, we all rejoice and bounce up and down. I want to be excited for each and every one of you.


Ele said...

well said!

even with supplements etc. etc. etc. It still takes the "average" (whatever the hell that is!) couple a year of TTC to fall pregnant!

Jodie said...

The same can be said for thoose who think, if I am not pregnant in 3 months I am going to think there is some thing wrong with me. A healthy couple under the age of 25 have a 25% of concieving each cycle. This reduces to 25% of concieving in six months by the time the woman reaches 36..