Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Specials Specials Specials

I had this whole angry self pity post written out. Took me most of the morning to put it into words, but it still didn't sound right after reading it over and over again. So I'm rather going to bombard you with specials that Making Babies is running at the moment. That is more constructive hey?

First up we have Pregnavor Now selling at R 80.00 inc VAT (exc shipping)


Pregnavor is not only for our Pregnant Fairies. :) If you are trying to conceive and looking for a great multi-vitamin. I strongly suggest Pregnavor.

Liberator FF
- My DH loves this product! (and so do I *wink wink*)


Normal pricing for Liberator FF is R 80.00 inc VAT (exc shipping) For this week only it is selling at R 70.00 per bottle. :)

And while we are on the topic of Libido enhancers. I have a lovely little gel, which I personally use and LOVE. Arouse 24 Gel Of course I don't suggest using this gel around O time (well not internally) Although it's all natural, I would prefer that you use the Conceive Plus during O time. But the Arouse Gel is great to use during your cycle.


Normal pricing for the Arouse 24 Gel is R 140.00 inc VAT (exc shipping) For this week only it is selling at R 130.00 per bottle :)

All you need to do in order to qualify for the special is be a part of our Making Babies community! (or pop me a mail and ask really nicely LOL)