Thursday, August 6, 2009

I was hoping to give you all a review on the Conceive Plus but unfortunately the Post Office conspired against me. So the review will only be featured tomorrow. :) Don't forget if you still want to qualify for the special on the Conceive Plus that Making Babies is running at the moment see this post for further details.

I'm super excited about this new product and the interest shown already in it.

And while I'm busy plugging Making Babies. If you are looking for a entertaining (yet educational) read, wonder over to my site and check out my eBook - Baking Maybe's


We are going camping this weekend. Provided of course we can find a tent. It's our best friends birthday weekend. We were going to just go through for the day. But being the responsible adults we like to be, we think it's a better idea to camp over for the night as well. Things may get rough. :)


Chanda said...

Have fun camping!!