Friday, July 10, 2009

Square eyes

My mother always told us (when we were little) that watching too much TV would make our eyes go square. I wonder if this applies to the insane amount of time I've been spending in front of my PC lately?

I've been socializing. LOL, no not the get out there, meet new friends, see places, do things.... are you insane? That would require me leaving my office. I'm talking about getting social within the comfort of my little internet world.

I found the coolest network with fellow bloggers on! So awesome, it's going to take me days to check out the place. I feel like I'm in heaven. MORE BLOGS!!! Better than chocolate. (was going to say an ice cold beer, but that's stretching it a bit).


On the work front:

Making Babies members you will notice that I've stream lined the forum section. Aren't the new categories much better to work with? Please make use of this new set up. Look forward to chatting to you there!

On the TTC front:

Oh yeah, we not TTC. I forgot. LOL. I think I Oed yesterday. Did we BD, nope. LOL. No 2ww obsession for me!! Whoo hoo. I might actually survive this break.

Have a great weekend!


Chanda said...

Found you at 20sb....great blog!! Now following :)

O.F.C.J. said...

Hello! I found your blog on the 20sb comments group. Interesting post, and blog concept. Wow. That's a lot making. Lol.

Do check out my new blog

katrina and the king said...

I remember watching this cartoon as a kid who watches too much t.v and his eyes...and everything he sees becomes these pixalated little squares. Anyways, your post on 20SB made me think about that. I guess it kind of stuck with me since we don't have a TV now ;)