Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't tell my brain

But my right ovary is aching! Usually I O from my left ovary, 9 out of 10 times I will O from my left. Please don't let my brain realize this, then she will go conspire with my heart and the next thing you know we are attempting to maybe hopefully miraculously conceive on a break cycle.

Every now and then I read through sites about conception. You know to just refresh my brain, find new articles to share with my Making Babies members and all that. I had to laugh when I saw this "advice tidbit":

Lot of factors involved to get pregnent, not only sperm count,or good morphology, even everything goes well but somehow sperm should go through Fallpen tube. Those who has low sperm count or bad mophology, my suggestion is that woman should reamin in bed at least half an hour after sex and do more sex during ovulation period.

I was going to fix up the spelling mistakes in the above quote but left it as is. I LOVE the do more sex during ovulation period. No shit Sherlock! Really you think? Ok, maybe I'm the only one that finds that very funny.

Oh BTW, I'm guest blogging on a friends blog some time today. I will let you know once the post is up and give you the link. :)

UPDATE: Click on the blog button to go read my dear friend Meg's blog


Jodie said...

ROFL... It is like my body trying to O after I start taking Provera, the world is against us.

BTW Break cycles do not mean no sex cycles :) Amazing sex happens in this time and amazing sex can lead to amazing things.