Friday, July 24, 2009


My adorable tantrum queen 5 year old is now at the stage where she is asking HOW? How do we make trees? How do we make roads? How do we make light bulbs?

This morning while getting dressed for school, we were talking about c-sections. Don't know how the conversation started. McK knows that she was "cut" out of mommy's tummy. She has seen the photos. Anyway, so we are chatting and she is asking me about whether it was sore or not etc. Then she looks at me and says "mommy, how do...." pause..... I'm thinking oh cr@p here comes the How does the baby get there question. I look at her, she then contiunes "how do you make socks?" Sjoe, relief... we can save the Birds & Bees chat for another day.

AF is freaking killing me! I can hardly walk up straight. It feels like my uterus is being wrung dry. Is wrung the right word? You know when you take a wet dish cloth and try to get all the water out. That is what it feels like. Argh..... I hate it...

Oooh, we got to meet my cousin Laura's baby girl today. Emma is just over 2 months and so cute!! Here is a pic of the precious little girlie. Just look at those cheeks!!!


Have a great weekend!


Chanda said...

What a beautiful picture! And I am starting to get quite a few questions from my son here lately too. I know the big one is coming soon!

Theta Mom said...

What a cutie pie! Yes, I know what you mean about the questions!