Monday, July 6, 2009

Not such a blue Monday....

For everyone around me. (Mine is more cobalt blue, not baby blue....)

I've been receiving good news all round this morning. Every 10 minutes when I click send/receive on my mail or refresh on one of the forums. BFPs galore and excitement. It's giving me a headache. LOL.

I must say I'm getting more and more impressed with these Fertile XX/XY drops. Not only did friend report last week about her Fertile XY success story with regards to improvement of her DH's sperm. Quote her doctors words: "has never seen such a 'powerful' sample.".... I just got an email 5 minutes ago from a client that has been using XY and XX this last cycle, and just got her BFP. :)

Very Exciting!!

I also have another possible BFP in the making with another friend who I've been in contact with this whole cycle (of hers). Will confirm on Wednesday with bloods.

Then our next Making Babies baby is entering the world tomorrow!!! Lisa, wishing you all the best. Enjoy every minute!

I'm in a terrible mood today. Ready to kill anyone who crosses my path today. Yes, KILL....... Be warned. It's good that I have a split personality. See I can be totally excited about all the good news today, and still be violently inclined at the same time. :)