Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hello cycle 43


Coincidence, I clicked onto Face Book and saw a link for a site called 43 things. It's basically a support site where you list your goals and share your stuff I guess. I haven't checked it out yet, but just thought it was funny. The day cycle 43 starts, and I stumble across a site called 43things.

What have I discovered over the last 3 years - 43 cycles:

1) Patience (some, not totally)
2) Compassion
3) Jealousy
4) Friendship
5) Sisterhood
6) Anger
7) Sadness
8) Disappointment
9) Kick Ass Pain Killers
10) It's OK to cry about your body failing you miserably
11) Laughing about your body failing you miserably
12) New colourful swear words
13) I'm not in control of this
14) A fabulous new Doctor
15) Twitter
16) More Anger
17) More Sadness
18) Frustration
19) Happy tears
20) Praying really hard
21) Bitterness
22) Putting life on hold
23) Going through all the WHAT IFs
24) Going through all the WHAT NOTs
25) Estimated Due Dates coming and going
26) Pain
27) Love
28) Murphy's Law
29) Life is unfair at times
30) Excitement
31) A BFP doesn't always = healthy baby
32) A lot of sighing
33) Tantrums (me being the one throwing them)
34) Talking to my ovaries
35) Begging my uterus to co-operate
36) Heart palpitations
37) Nervousness
38) High expectations
39) Pessimistic attitude
40) Hissing when I see a BFP that doesn't belong to me
41) Leather Cat suites (LOL)
42) Déjà vu
43) Convincing yourself it's going to be ok ;-)


Nicki said...

Man I hate her! I was hoping for a nice surprise, and bam af hits us! Well not too long now until you get to see Dr. Lovely and proceed full force on the ttc train. XXXX