Friday, May 29, 2009

Goodness me.....

Just when I was bragging to my new Doc about how well I know my cycles and how everything is always spot on and predictable.... my body throws me for a freaking loop....

Yesterday I was 10dpo, CD22...... I think AF is here. Crept in late last night and sort of hanging around this morning. WTF??? I never ever start AF this early. My LP is 13 days no matter what!!! Of course the optimist in me says maybe this is real implantation bleeding. Wow, maybe it is... or maybe it's just AF being flucked up and showing me who really is the boss around here.

McK had career day at school today. They had to dress up. Too cute. McK went as Doctor McKenna, with a white coat, name badge, syringes. She was too precious. When we were about to turn the corner towards school she says "come on daddy, this doctor is going to be late for work, my patients are waiting for me." LOL

We have a fun filled weekend ahead. Tomorrow is of course the Super 14 Final. Go bulls!! Then I'm so looking forward to Sunday. We have another Mommy Meet on. What makes this one extra special is that my dear friend Nicki and her gorgeous boy are going to be there!!! I've known N for 3 years now via forums/msn/skype/sms. Now at long last I get to meet my friend in real life. So very excited!!!


The Swann's said...

Oh geez! Stupid AF!!!! I'm going to hope, especially with that temp of yours, that this is indeed implantation bleeding and you'll get a BFP within the next couple of days!!!!! :-)

BTW- can I say that I'm a bit jealous that you and Nicki are meetin gup! I can't wait to see photos and hear all about it!!!!

Martin said...

I had to laugh a little when you said you hoped it was implantation bleeding.

That old chestnut appears every single time.

Either way, good luck.

squirrelgirl said...

So, any update? I don't have access to your chart so can't look it up myself. My body's been all wonky lately, too - with O-day an unprecedented CD19 this time. Weird. Meanwhile, my fingers will be crossed for you that this is, indeed, implantation bleeding.

Making Babies said...

Xbox, I had to laugh at myself..... implantation bleeding..... what a load of bull :)

Megs, Just less than 3 hours till I see Nicki ;-)

Squirrel, Oh I think my chart link is on my blog somewhere to the right. :)