Saturday, May 2, 2009

3 May 2009

McKenna my Angel. You were loved before I even met you. From the minute I knew you existed, my heart knew.

Happy 5th Birthday my love. I thought I would name 5 wonderful things about you. Of course the list is about 20857629 long, but mommy had to choose only 5, otherwise blog readers would be sitting here for days reading!!!!

1) The way you giggle and laugh from every cell in your body.

2) You are in your element when either dancing or singing. And I’m so happy you inherited your dad’s rhythm and not mine!! LOL

3) When you scribble some letters on a piece of paper and tell me it says “I love you mommy” just makes my heart melt.

4) The way you roll your eyes when I ask you “who is the most beautiful girl in the world?”

5) When you walk yourself into school, and stand by the gate blowing kisses and shouting “have a lekker day mommy” without fail.

Ooooooh, do I have to stop at 5????? ;-)

I think I have shared some of these pics before, but since it’s my baby’s birthday I’m sure I can share them again……








The Swann's said...

Happy one day early Birthday McK!!!!! :-) She's such a beautiful girl... Your top five list made me giggle and tear. Oh, she's one lucky little girl to have a mommy and daddy that love her as much as you two do!!!