Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ok..... so I'm officially in love with my new doc.... Aaaaahhhhhh, he is just wonderful. So gentle and kind, I really didn't mind being felt up by him. LOL

We spoke about my history and all that. Must say he was quite surprised that I "knew" so much about my own body and could easily answer all his questions without blinking an eye. He isn't happy with the amount of spotting days I have and the pain that is increasing every cycle.

Did the pap smear this morning. Wow, he is just so nice about it. No stirrups. I just lay there. He kept apologizing for the discomfort. He struggled to get to my cervix and actually asked, "are you not pregnant at the moment?" LOL. To which I just giggled and said.. "no I doubt it very much."

Anyway, u/s looks good and he is happy with everything I've told him. He didn't once mention anything about my weight. Which was just so amazing since my last doc was always blaming my infertility on weight. Dumb @ss!!!! (old doc, not my new favourite man on this PLANET).

So the PLAN. I went for a progesterone (Day 21 test) prolactin and thyroid blood tests this morning while I was there. Then DH has to go for a sperm test next week Thursday. Lucky boy!! LOL

Then 2 weeks from next Thursday we (both he and I) need to go back to doc to get the results from all the tests. He also insisted that DH is at the next appt, because it's take both of us to make a baby, not just me. He wants to first do all the necessary bloods and sperm tests before we go further. Which I can totally understand.

When I walked out the door he smiled and said to me... "Lets get this show on the road..... consider this as your first day of getting you PG, and quickly."

I sure hope he is right. Please let him be right!!!!

Its just so amazing to have such a positive doctor.

So that's it from me.....

Me + New Doc = VERY HAPPY


Jodie said...

It sounds like you have found the ideal Dr! Lets hope he is right and you get pregnant really fast now.

Ele said...

oh fantastic Marcelle!!!

I'm so glad that your new doctor is so proactive! Fingers crossed for all those tests!

thinking of you!

Lisa Reid said...

Thats great having a Dr that cares makes a big diffrence you going to be preggy in no time!!

Anne said...

wonderful news girl, praying that things go well now and you are preggo soon so happy that you found a great doc!

Unknown said...

Wonderful news! Look forward to hearing more updates! God has a devine plan! God bless! Megan

squirrelgirl said...

Excellent news!