Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From a different angle.....

I had to smirk when I saw someone post on a forum that I glanced over. First time I ever went onto this forum BTW. We are always talking about trying to conceive - TTC, this is our X cycle TTC. LOL.... She pointed out something very obvious.... I'll state it here using me as the example..

This is our 40th cycle not conceiving.... note - no trying, no just plain conceiving. It's just NOT conceiving. I guess the truth is there. We haven't conceived. So it's technically not trying to conceive, it's NOT conceiving. My TTC journey is 8 times longer than what hers is and yet she is already so NOT conceiving. My dear, it might just take a little while longer.

Ok, I started this post with a specific thought, and would you know it's flown straight out the window. I'm going into an area where I don't want to go. I hate comparing TTC journeys. I won't do it... *sticking out tongue here*

Let me go entertain my In Laws. I have to redeem myself. Apparently I flashed the neighbour across the street on Sunday. Me? Yeah, apparently. Yeah they want to feed me cheap wine. Let this be a lesson!!!