Thursday, October 2, 2008

I’ve started this blog post 4 times today…. And each time I read through it, I just know I’m going to piss someone off…. So maybe it’s better left unsaid. So back space and say:

I hope the day I get my BFP, (when ever that may be) that I don’t forget my TTC struggle, that I don’t forget my friends are still struggling. That I listen when they say, “please enough with the PG talk”. That I don’t get offended. Because not so long ago, we were all in the TTC boat. Some are just luckier than others, that they got to move on up to the PG Cruise liner. And it’s ok, because I know there is a seat for me. I’m just taking my sweet ass time getting there.

Hell, the last few posts have sure been “doom and gloom” posts hey. Don’t worry my meds will kick in soon, and I’ll start talking about Candy Sugar Mountain……. :)