Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Red Witch......

Yes, she flew in at 5:52am this morning……..

At least I know the supplements I’m taking are working. They are supposed to give you a perfect cycle. 28 days, O on CD14, 14 day LP…. I got all that. But they promised me a BFP too…..

And yes I’m still keeping quiet about what supplements I’m on. Since I’m not going to share it with anyone and then they go and get a BFP. I want to be the first BFP, then I’ll share…. Selfish? No I don’t think so. I want to keep something TTC related to myself. I’m always sharing and helping where I can. So just this one thing, I want all to myself….. for now…..

McK had a much better start to her day today. No screaming or crying. Shame, I think yesterday she was just a bit emotional.

I need to seriously do some work today, since I’ve been slacking off the last two days. But I just can’t get cracking. I’ll rather walk up and down the passage, stare out the windows, maybe attempt the kitchen…. Work just doesn’t feel right today. Wonder if there are any good movies on????