Monday, October 6, 2008

We had such a great weekend. Especially yesterday. We decided in the end not to go to the Sexpo. Instead, we went over to our friends for a BBQ. Which ended up back at our place, in the swimming pool. Now it might be hot already weather wise, but it certainly isn’t swimming weather yet. I guess those few beers really do make you brave. If McK joined in and shivered her way through a game of Water volley ball.

School started back up again today. The 4th term, (and final term of the year). McK did not want to go this morning, so I had to bribe her with another swim session for when she gets home. I’m just not so sure that I’ll be joining her though. I’ll sit on the side and just watch.

My child’s skin is terrible again. I don’t know what to do about her eczema. Poor thing is scratching like mad, and when I do put normal (well actually any) aqueous cream on her, it burns her. I’ve tried the medicated creams too, but nothing wants to ease the itching or the red inflamed patches. I feel so sorry for her. Anyone have any advice?????

I’m nearing the end of Cycle 31. I thought I saw some spotting early this morning. But not really much, just when I went to the loo. It’s gone now, or should I say it will be back just now when I start getting a little excited about not having it. Especially since I’m 12dpo already. Even though I know there is very little chance of a BFP, my inner TTC Diva still holds on to that hope of a miracle. I’ve contemplated testing yesterday morning, and today. But I resisted both times. Even after Peeing in a cup. I stopped every time before ripping off the wrapper and dipping the test. I quietly told myself to stop, and throw the p out….. this way I haven’t wasted 2 tests. I need a gold star!!!!

I just noticed my ticker..... it says 1 day till testing LOL


Annie Kates said...

I wish I could tell you how to help her skin. I have terrible eczema, too. I use triamcinolone acetonide, but I think you have to be over the age of 6 to use it. It is a strong steroid, so no good for really little ones.
Does SA sell Aveeno brand products? I like the fragrance free lotion with the oatmeal, my skin can handle that. Plus the oatmeal takes away some of the itching.