Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not the best start to the morning

Everything was going just fine. We were all up at 5:30am. Even McK was chirpier than the birds outside. But then at 7:15am, my child changed into a Pro Wrestler…….

It started as we were walking out the door, on our way to school. The tears started falling, the screaming started, and she clung to my neck for dear life. Then I had to try and get her in the car. Some smart maneuvering from mommy and she was in, safety buckled and everything… turn my back and she is out. Not just out of her safety belt. But out of the car!!! She ran to the garage door and grabbed the handle. Would you believe it took me, a grown 28 year old woman, a good 7 minutes to get a 4 year old’s hands loose from the door knob.

And where was daddy during this….. Sitting in the car watching………

More clinging and grabbing and screaming. Back in her safety belt. I could hear her shouting to daddy saying “I want to talk to mommy”. I dared not open the door because I knew she would bolt. Instead daddy opened the window just slightly so that I could hear.

I looked at her face, she looked at me. I started sobbing, she started sobbing. I opened the door, gave her a big hug. She sobbed some more, I sobbed some more. Promised her I would pick her up from school in 10 minutes.

I sobbed all the way back into the house, she sobbed all the way to school. Worst is, she thinks I’m picking her up in 10 minutes and that was an hour and a half ago.

No one said parenting was going to be easy………………