Friday, October 10, 2008

A full year of hard work has helped you to achieve a personally fulfilling goal. Chances are good that you're surrounded by fans and media now, but as soon as you can fit it in, start thinking about a title for the how-to book you'll feel eminently qualified to pen.

No ways…. :)

Would you believe I’ve been nagged to write a book now for quite some time now. Maybe I should attempt it??

My grandfather just published his book, and apparently there are 2 more on the way. I read Canaan North in 3 days. Wow, was I impressed. Never did it cross my mind that my grandfather would be so good at writing. I really enjoyed the book, although the “love scenes” freaked me out a bit, I mean hello this is my Grandfather’s imagination running wild here……

I’ve been really domesticated this week. Cooking dinner every night, getting my mothers dogs sorted out and happy. Doing dishes, yes me, I did freaking dishes…… I’m actually going to attempt to do housework today too. You know sweep and mop floors. **GASP** It’s a bugger being alone at home. You end up doing all these crazy things during the day just to pass the time.


Anne said...

writing a book is a wonderful idea I am sure you would be wonderful at that, your grandfathers book sounds like a good read too.