Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a weekend we had…….

Started off Friday night with a friend’s “House Farewell” party. The theme was “From the History Books”. Must say there were some very good costumes. But my favourite was my brother’s Elvis suit. Goodness me, I never ever thought I would see G in a full piece tight ass white suit. DH and I went as Bonnie & Clyde. Even though I had almost no voice left (from having this darn flu), we still had a good time.

Saturday was McKenna’s official first Birthday Party. It was a Clamber Club party. Such fun. They set up obstacle courses for the kids. Everyone had a blast. Up and down, round about. Think they all got a good work out.

Half way through the party…. My heart nearly stopped….. McK was bouncing on this bouncy ball thing. It slipped out of her control and she fell quite hard on her bum. She let out this scream, so I run to pick her up. Once we get back to the seating area, I try to get her to stand. But she just collapsed. I was still trying to hold her up, I looked at her and her eyes were big and glazed over. She was out of it for like 5 seconds. (Felt like 20 minutes to my mommy heart). I shouted at her, and then she let out a scream. 10 minutes later she was back out playing and singing with the rest of the kids. Now I have no idea what the hell just happened. But I got the fright of my life. She must just have had a “shock reaction” or DH said, maybe with the fall she pinched a nerve. I’ve been keeping an eye on her, but she is perfect. I will just never forget her face. I could hardly sleep last night, the whole scene kept replaying in my head. Everyone has convinced me that she is ok. I’m sure she is.

Today we had another Birthday party. Another friend of Mck’s. WOW!!! They had a “Party Bus” for the kids. Totally awesome. It takes about 25 kids. They go driving around the block, singing songs. Then all the kids get their faces painted. On the bus they have Cotton Candy and Pop corn machines. Also a “slush puppy” (snow cones) machine. If the jumping castle wasn’t enough, they also were entertained by a puppet show. We are so doing the Party Bus for McK’s 5th Bday next year. Although browsing through their brochure, I’m quite keen on the “Foam Party”. Might have to do that for my bday.

All 3 of us are dead tired. DH has made some popcorn, so let me be off.... going to watch a movie...