Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Do I get irritated when our sites go down for “routine maintenance”…? YES!!! Especially when I woke up with all these ideas of what I wanted to do today. I psyche myself up and skip into the office so excited. Only to find a “sorry we are down for maintenance”.

Can’t they do maintenance during the night, when I don’t want to work???????

In other TTC related news. Our little break is turning into a something else. I have started with the OPKs, I’m almost certain I’ll get a positive today. Also going to start using Pre~Seed as soon as I get the + OPK.

Did I mention that I’ve come down with the flu of some sorts? Weird. Not so much flu but this nasty cough and sore throat. I bought some cough syrup, yes the one that only contains Guaifenesien… It will help with my chest and that other area too……. ;-)

Oh, and I have to mention how freaking adorable my daughter is getting. I love this age. 4 and a bit. She is just so lovable. And CLEVER!! The things she comes up with and her reasoning behind everything is so amazing.