Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trying to lure her...

Yip, AF’s evil twin sister SPOT. She paid me a visit on Monday and yesterday. But has seemed to have disappeared today. I’m attempting to lure her back out by publicly announcing that she is gone!!!

Come on I dare you SPOT, I freaking dare you!!!!! It’s 12dpo(I think) and 3 BFNs later, and you thought I wasn’t counting days this cycle hey…. Well some things can’t be helped. My TTC obsession is one of them.

I had this strange thought yesterday. You know people say “it will happen when it is meant to happen”…. Well, if that is true…. Then I should be happy with every month/cycle that passes, cause then I’m getting closer and closer to when it’s supposed to happen right??? LOL …………. Yeah, did I fool any of you into thinking I’m ok with another failed cycle???? Or that I’m going to fall for that sh*t, when it’s meant to happen……. LOL It was meant to happen 29 cycles ago…. That’s when….

Ok, I’m going to click on submit post now… any second now… come on SPOT, I dare you…..


Lisa Reid said...

haha your blog does make me laugh, well i started my first round of clomid today so wish me luck : )