Friday, May 29, 2009

Goodness me.....

Just when I was bragging to my new Doc about how well I know my cycles and how everything is always spot on and predictable.... my body throws me for a freaking loop....

Yesterday I was 10dpo, CD22...... I think AF is here. Crept in late last night and sort of hanging around this morning. WTF??? I never ever start AF this early. My LP is 13 days no matter what!!! Of course the optimist in me says maybe this is real implantation bleeding. Wow, maybe it is... or maybe it's just AF being flucked up and showing me who really is the boss around here.

McK had career day at school today. They had to dress up. Too cute. McK went as Doctor McKenna, with a white coat, name badge, syringes. She was too precious. When we were about to turn the corner towards school she says "come on daddy, this doctor is going to be late for work, my patients are waiting for me." LOL

We have a fun filled weekend ahead. Tomorrow is of course the Super 14 Final. Go bulls!! Then I'm so looking forward to Sunday. We have another Mommy Meet on. What makes this one extra special is that my dear friend Nicki and her gorgeous boy are going to be there!!! I've known N for 3 years now via forums/msn/skype/sms. Now at long last I get to meet my friend in real life. So very excited!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All my problems are over.....

I received an email this morning from the Secretary General of the United N.ations informing me that after 7 months of meetings they have finally decided to compensate those that have been scammed by these "oh my uncle died here is $2 million" emails. The UN is kind enough to compensate me with $250 000. I just need to contact Mr. Fletcher at the UNION BANK OF N.IGERIA Oh and you got to love his closing statement "Making the world a better place" Thank you Mr. Secretary General..... NOT.... I wonder how many poor souls will fall for this one... I have one person in mind... LOL.... But I'm not allowed to mention her name in order to protect the sanity of my dear friend M. :)

Oh I've started a new hobby or should I say project ... LOL. Will show you in about 2 weeks. I some times amaze myself. And after my sister so kindly put it yesterday, "oh come on it's not rocket science you know", I first have to build up some confidence before I share it....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ok..... so I'm officially in love with my new doc.... Aaaaahhhhhh, he is just wonderful. So gentle and kind, I really didn't mind being felt up by him. LOL

We spoke about my history and all that. Must say he was quite surprised that I "knew" so much about my own body and could easily answer all his questions without blinking an eye. He isn't happy with the amount of spotting days I have and the pain that is increasing every cycle.

Did the pap smear this morning. Wow, he is just so nice about it. No stirrups. I just lay there. He kept apologizing for the discomfort. He struggled to get to my cervix and actually asked, "are you not pregnant at the moment?" LOL. To which I just giggled and said.. "no I doubt it very much."

Anyway, u/s looks good and he is happy with everything I've told him. He didn't once mention anything about my weight. Which was just so amazing since my last doc was always blaming my infertility on weight. Dumb @ss!!!! (old doc, not my new favourite man on this PLANET).

So the PLAN. I went for a progesterone (Day 21 test) prolactin and thyroid blood tests this morning while I was there. Then DH has to go for a sperm test next week Thursday. Lucky boy!! LOL

Then 2 weeks from next Thursday we (both he and I) need to go back to doc to get the results from all the tests. He also insisted that DH is at the next appt, because it's take both of us to make a baby, not just me. He wants to first do all the necessary bloods and sperm tests before we go further. Which I can totally understand.

When I walked out the door he smiled and said to me... "Lets get this show on the road..... consider this as your first day of getting you PG, and quickly."

I sure hope he is right. Please let him be right!!!!

Its just so amazing to have such a positive doctor.

So that's it from me.....

Me + New Doc = VERY HAPPY

Monday, May 25, 2009

Here we go.......

Shaved legs........ check
Have detailed TTC history list....... check
Copies of DH's sperm results........ check
Had 4 tequila's .......... just j/k but I sure could do with 3 for the nerves.

Please oh please think of me.... I'm come update this post in about 4 hours (or less)

Stay tuned!!!!


Ok, so this is what went down this morning.....

The traffic was a little bit of a nightmare, since half the traffic lights don't work and most S.A drivers aren't sure about the whole "treat it as a four way stop" rule. But we got there in one piece.

Carstenhof is a beautiful hospital/clinic, so tranquil and a gorgeous koi pond outside with waterfalls and friendly koi fish. It could easily pass as a 5 star hotel or wedding venue. Gorgeous. I felt so relaxed when I walked over the bridge into the hospital. I just got a good vibe. Thought about how awesome it would be to one day be walking back over that bridge with a baby......

Up to the second level to find the doctors rooms. Now I knew that he is a busy doctor, so imagine my surprise when there are no patients waiting in the reception. Odd I thought. The Docs rooms are just as grand, and wow was I impressed with the friendliness of the receptionist.... And that is how far I got...... "Sorry maam, but doctor is in theater on a Monday. When did you make your appt?" OMG.... Back in March when I made the appt, the receptionist then (now recently asked to leave) did not make any notes of my appt. So no where does it state that I'm due for an appt today....... I'm the fourth "patient" that this woman had messed up....

Thank you very much to all the sms and emails I got this morning, I will keep the luck and positive vibes for tomorrow morning 8:45am when I attempt to see the doc.

So here we again.... My life it's never simple straight forward to the point..... LOL

Friday, May 22, 2009


When I see my doctor on Monday we will have been TTC #2 for 3 years, 3 weeks and 3 days. 333. Just some useless info to start a Friday off with.

I've gotten over the nervousness and excitement. I'm now scared! Really scared. I'm kind of hoping the weekend drags by. It's a new doctor, a new clinic, new new new. But hopefully not the same old diagnoses. I'm probably not going to sleep much on Sunday night.

So expect a full update on Monday, lunch time my time. Please think of me. I was wondering how this new doc looks. Not that it matters what he looks like, I just hope he isn't anything like my previous doc.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Granny Ann


Happy 90th Birthday Granny Ann!!!

We were blessed to get to spend the day yesterday celebrating my gran's 90th Birthday!!!


Just a pic of McK and I. (or is it me?)

TTC front:

I'm 3dpo. Another 10 days to go until the end of this cycle. Can't believe it's Thursday already, getting closer and closer to Monday!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Most likely to:

When I was 18 (turning 19) I lived in the USA, Bethesda Maryland. (Close enough to Washington DC.) I was an au pair for a wonderful family. But this isn't what this post is about. It's about a letter I found last weekend while going through my old photos and stuff.

We were a group of girls (au pairs all from South Africa). Roz, Elsa, Hestha and myself. We were and are still today good friends. We have all attended each others weddings and so forth. We had the best time EVER in the US together and shared many many exciting Adventures. We were more like sisters than friends. In any case, Roz complied a book/letter for me the week before I was meant to go home back to SA. It is in Diary format with some funny quotes and stuff in from our year together.

I found one page very interesting.... I would like to share that with you now.

How many kids we'll each have:


You see even back then I was "doomed" to have only one. LOL

Marry a:


Hmmm, a lawyer hey? Well the closet I got to that is my husbands cousin (and our best friend) is in the law business.

Oh and I got to love this. Thanks girls..... Much appreciated:


Monday, May 18, 2009

Almost time.....

This time next week I will be sitting here either excited or p*ssed off. It's officially 6 more days until my appt. (25 May)

I've been asking some advice from my fellow TTC friends about what to ask at the appt... We have worked out a plan of action. Seems like the best will be to put together a power point presentation of the last 40 cycles. Include all charts, symptoms and pics of used Pee sticks. Yip, I'll take the projector with and some pop corn. Hope this doc knows what he is letting himself in for.

I quote a good friend of mine's advice:

Hi doc, I am not a doctor but I probably understand this process better than you, I have tried all healthy, herbal and general old wives tales on this subject and now I am going to test you and see if you have a bigger, better, cheaper plan.............................

I've convinced those JHB based girls to meet me there at the docs offices with their pom poms and best cheer leading songs.

This is going to be fun. Ps, just must not forget to shave and all that before the time... and yes I'm talking about my legs.... silly.....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm so inlove.....


Saturday, May 16, 2009


:) I'm usually very bad at these award thingies, simply because I can never decide who to pass them on to, (and too shy to tag!) But I like the look of this one, so here goes... Thanks Megs.


And now for the rules:

List 7 things that make you Awe-Summm and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers you love. Make sure to tag your recipients and let them know they have won! Also link back to the Queen that tagged you.
7 reasons I am AWE-SUMMM

1. I am one Awe-Summm TTC supporter!
2. I am one Awe-Summm Mother!
3. I am one Awe-Summm Wife,ask my DH he will agree! :)
4. I am one Awe-Summm Boss, my own!
5. I am one Awe-Summm Spaghetti and mince chef!
6. I am one Awe-Summm Negotiator when it comes to a 5 year old!
7. I am one Awe-Summm Back seat driver!

7 AWE-SUMMM Bloggers I'm passing this on to as they are AWE-SUMM mothers!!!



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mr C baby!!

Just wanted to keep a special little boy and his mommy in my thoughts today.

Mr C I know you will be just fine today. I'm thinking of you and your brave mommy (and daddy too).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From a different angle.....

I had to smirk when I saw someone post on a forum that I glanced over. First time I ever went onto this forum BTW. We are always talking about trying to conceive - TTC, this is our X cycle TTC. LOL.... She pointed out something very obvious.... I'll state it here using me as the example..

This is our 40th cycle not conceiving.... note - no trying, no just plain conceiving. It's just NOT conceiving. I guess the truth is there. We haven't conceived. So it's technically not trying to conceive, it's NOT conceiving. My TTC journey is 8 times longer than what hers is and yet she is already so NOT conceiving. My dear, it might just take a little while longer.

Ok, I started this post with a specific thought, and would you know it's flown straight out the window. I'm going into an area where I don't want to go. I hate comparing TTC journeys. I won't do it... *sticking out tongue here*

Let me go entertain my In Laws. I have to redeem myself. Apparently I flashed the neighbour across the street on Sunday. Me? Yeah, apparently. Yeah they want to feed me cheap wine. Let this be a lesson!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well my 40th AF is done and dusted! Hopefully never to return until 2010. If not I'm only willing to take her nonsense for one more cycle. ;-) I can't believe it's less than two weeks to my appointment with the new doc. I'm so nervous!!! I hate going to new docs. I've started writing things down, because I know as soon as I walk into his office I'm going to freeze up and forget half the things. I don't want to be a blabbering mess. I need answers. Then I'm scared that there aren't any answers.

I've been woman down with some sort of bug the last 24 hours. Seems to be lingering on today as well. Hope it blows over soon. I remember just last week how I was begging for morning sickness, well after yesterday I don't think it looks so dreamy any more. So can I eventually fall PG without the MS?

I had to drag myself out of bed this morning and the fact that there was a snuggly 5 year old next to me didn't make it any easier. I just hope this day flies by uninterrupted by chaos. I could do with a bit of good luck this week. Pretty please.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Yes, all this waiting is probably making you absolutely crazy, and yes, you're due for the universe to toss you just one tiny bone. Now, stop whining. Nothing happens until it's supposed to happen, and no matter how hard you try, you can't change that. Deal with it. It's not quite time, but you're ready. More than ready. While you're waiting -- and yes, you will have to -- keep yourself busy. Really busy.

You see even the stars agree, I'm not done waiting yet. *rolls eyes*

I'm trying to think of something to type, but I really can't come up with anything. I'm too sore and in about 5 minutes the pain killers will kick in and everything will just be a blur.

Oh, I cut almost all my hair off. Well, I didn't do it personally. MIL did.... I have very little hair left on my head. LOL..... But I love it.....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick Promotional Stuff.....

I've been wanting to add herbal and homeopathic fertility tonics to Making Babies for ages now. Yes, we have the Fertility Supplements like FertilAid and Fertipil Plus. But I like to give my clients a choice between products. A little bit of variety.

Please go have a look on Making Babies What is great is that we are backed by a AskUS Team with medically trained professionals who can answer your queries on the new products. Exciting stuff.

Anyway, enough ad space for now... ;-)

High as a kite!!!

Yip, I've been popping pain killers. Every AF just gets more and more painful. Physically painful. I'm so glad my appt is coming up soon. I think it's another 19 days to go.

I'm going to say the R word.... but I'm actually quite relaxed. I knew she was coming, I knew this wasn't the cycle for us... So I didn't take her arrival as badly as I usually do.

Cycle 40, this will be our last cycle "on our own". What is that saying: "Miracles do happen" ???? Maybe we will get lucky this cycle. ;-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Cycle 40...... should start today...... surprise surprise.

I have a friend who has been saying for the last 3 months that cycle 40 is going to be my lucky one. We will see.

My temps have fallen.... I'm trying to blame this ice cold weather of ours for the low temps. But don't worry, I know when to face reality. I have four BFNs and low temps and horrendous cramps. But I still don't have any freaking spotting!!!! 99% I know it's over, but 1% maybe I will still get lucky????

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A few more BFPs

I don't always remember to announce my friends BFPs on here, I'm scared I leave someone out and feelings get hurt. I'm also not sure if they would like to be "shown off" on my blog. I don't do the whole asking for permission thing. There have been quite a wave of BFPs over the last week or so. Not that anyone is more important than another........

I would like to say that I'm so thrilled that my dear friend Angie is pregnant again. My DH always laughs when I get a text message from Angie early in the morning. Angie and I are almost cycle buddies, so DH knows when Angie needs to test. When the phone beeps, DH says "oh, I bet that's Angie.... Is she keeping it clean this time?" Referring of course to another colourful text message Angie accidentally sent to Craig last year. LOL.

In any case, I'm just trying to fill a blog space because for some odd reason I feel bad about not blogging today.

Still no comment on the TTC front from my side. I'm too scared to type... no spotting, and I'm 13dpo .... darn it, there I've typed it.... bet spot will be here within the hour....

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm so clever...

And thanks to Megs for pointing me in the right direction, I've managed to convert my blog to a 3 column blog * YAY ME *

Not that it makes any difference, but I think it now looks evened out. Except the words "follow me on twitter" looks a bit squished, but I'm not going to be anal about it. Was going to attempt to resize the columns but it's too much techno info for my brain for one day.... thank you very much.

McK had an awesome birthday!! Thank you to everyone that made her feel so special. We struggled to get her into bed last night because she wanted to play with all her new stuff.

On the TTC front..... hmmm no comment....

Ps: Ok, so I had to come back and move the twitter thing.... I'm anal, so what.....

Pss: Ok, so my brain is capable of more techno info, I've increased the margins as well. Thank goodness, now I will be able to sleep at night. LOL

Saturday, May 2, 2009

3 May 2009

McKenna my Angel. You were loved before I even met you. From the minute I knew you existed, my heart knew.

Happy 5th Birthday my love. I thought I would name 5 wonderful things about you. Of course the list is about 20857629 long, but mommy had to choose only 5, otherwise blog readers would be sitting here for days reading!!!!

1) The way you giggle and laugh from every cell in your body.

2) You are in your element when either dancing or singing. And I’m so happy you inherited your dad’s rhythm and not mine!! LOL

3) When you scribble some letters on a piece of paper and tell me it says “I love you mommy” just makes my heart melt.

4) The way you roll your eyes when I ask you “who is the most beautiful girl in the world?”

5) When you walk yourself into school, and stand by the gate blowing kisses and shouting “have a lekker day mommy” without fail.

Ooooooh, do I have to stop at 5????? ;-)

I think I have shared some of these pics before, but since it’s my baby’s birthday I’m sure I can share them again……







Friday, May 1, 2009

Insert Tears Here........

It's the 1st of May 2009... Check my TTC ticker to the right.... It's been exactly 3 years since we started trying for our second baby.


Am I stronger? Am I sadder? Am I angrier? Am I at peace? Am I over patient? Am I a mess? Am I ok? I'm not sure.


I've never cried this much in 3 years than in my entire life. I've never cursed this much in 3 years than in my entire life. I've never prayed this much in 3 years than in my entire life.


I've come across the most awesome bunch of ladies, and one awesome guy (couldn't leave Xbox out) that have kept my journey on the brighter side of insanity. My SOP girls, my 2ww girls, my Mommy girls and my Making Babies girls. Each one of you have meant so much to me in our TTC journey. Thank you for all your support and love. For picking me up when I was at my lowest. Much appreciated.


It's ok.....