Thursday, July 31, 2008


Is just giving me one hell of a headache.

Remember the money we are supposed to be getting from the Tax man. Well they sent it to DH’s old bank account. Which we found out has been closed. So now we need to open a new account. Or get DH signing rights on my account. (We have been using my account as a “joint” account for quite some time now anyway). But would you believe his ID has gone missing. We only have a copy of it.

The lady at the bank won’t accept the copy which I understand completely. So we need to get the copy certified by the police. But in order to have something certified as a copy, you need to have the original. The bank lady keeps telling us, go to the police get it certified…. Yes I understand but… then she says “they will certify it with the original”… HELLO??? If we had the original ID why would we want to get the copy certified. But in any case. We had to get an affidavit that declares the Original has been “stolen” and blah blah.. So we now have documents stating that. Hopefully the bank will accept that and just reopen DH’s account.

The Making Babies website is also down. I’m so frustrated. I think there is a problem with the server. We have been trying all morning to get hold of our hosting company. I hate it when a site is down. It doesn’t look good. So hopefully it will be up and running soon. It better….

I can not believe its 31 July today. The year is going by way too fast for my liking. Winter is almost done, YAY another month until Spring. Hey maybe we will get a Spring BFP…. Wouldn’t that be cool….


Erin said...

It is such a pain to lose an ID. That happened to me once and I had to jump through hoops to get what I needed. I hope things get straightened out soon. I was just thinking to myself how time is flying. It will be August tomorrow!

bottonz said...

I feel your pain with the ID thing I am in a similar situation......
And your little server problem, sooo feel your pain there 2, I absolutely hate it 2 and they normally don't really give a sh!t

Will be holding thumbs for your spring BFP :) TONS of babydust !!!!!