Monday, July 28, 2008

My star sign today....

You find that your life has become ten times easier, seemingly overnight! It's a great day to try new things and to tackle projects that you used to think might be too much for you on your own.

Ok yes, my life will be 10 times easier within the next month. I can’t wait!!! How lovely it’s going to be to have an “easier” life. With minimized stress. Feels too good to be true.

Not sure what new things I’m supposed to do today. But I did go jogging with my sister this morning. I never wanted to do it alone, so now that I’m doing it with her. Maybe that is the “too much for you on your own”… We’ll see….

I don’t pay much attention to star signs, but do like them when they count in my favour.

I had my faith restored in TTC today. : )


Mudfish said...

Hi there, good for you going for a run.
I'm glad to have restored your faith in TTC, still watching the clock until I get the call from the lab!

I love the new social network by the way, I hope that lots more people find it!