Friday, July 11, 2008

Never thought it was possible

To feel such heart ache for women/couples that have lost their babies. I have a few blogs that I read every day. And even though the women don’t even know me, I still like to check up on how they are doing. I sit here crying with them, I sit here being angry with them. Even though I won’t ever feel the same heartache that they feel. I still get filled with such raw emotion. Especially when the loss of their babies started off with the long hard years of TTC them.

I think that is partly why I was so angry at yesterday’s blogger. How dare she condemn IVF, when she is popping out babies left right and center? How dare she. How can she be capable of judging and disgustingly try and justify her thoughts in the manner that she did. But I’m not going to talk about her today, she will be judged for actions. Not by me and not by any other person reading her blog. But by a higher power.

Today I’m also mourning two special dream babies that will never be here on earth. They belong to very special friends of ours. I get so sad when I think you two will only ever be a part of a dream. We all wanted you so badly, but not as bad as what your mommy and daddy wanted you. If I could change anything in the world, it would be to change fate and let you become a reality. I know you would have been loved unconditionally as all babies are, but you would have been extra special.