Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who will it be???

My (Our) Making Babies Social Network is growing beautifully. Although there are still loads of ladies who are a bit shy to chat, but I know you lurk! I can see you **insert evil laugh here**

Currently we have 99 members!! Who will be our 100th member? Come on, register.... it might just be you!! Sorry there isn't a fancy prize only recognition as the 100th member.... :)

I have also added different groups to the network.

1) Waiting to O (where you can chat about the days leading up to O and get some advice from others
2) The insane 2ww (obsession is what we do best)
3) Darn it AF (where you can just b*tch about her arrival)

Of course the group everyone is BDing to get into is the "finally PG" group, which as of recent has acquired 4 new members!!

To register click here