Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two weeks from today, I'm going to be 29..... 29!! My DH and friends are already planing my big 3-0 but can I please just turn 29 first and enjoy my last year being in the "twenties" I can't help that most of my real life friends are over 30...... Come on guys, I keep you young.... LOL..... We always joke that I will be the one sneaking booze into the old age home for them and oiling the wheels on their wheel chairs.

But seriously 29, in two weeks..... I was supposed to be a mother of two by now.... But I will be forever grateful for being the mommy of a gorgeous almost 5 year old. The Big Man wanted me to have her all to myself for a few years.

I'm thinking I'm going to O early this cycle. Had intense O pains last night, still lingering this morning..... If I O today or tomorrow then AF will arrive on my Birthday!!! Bring out the streamers and balloons.......