Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend plans????

As you might have noticed I don't come up with snappy titles I leave that up to the professional bloggers...... :)

I am so looking forward to tomorrow!! We have a TTC meet with some dear on line friends. I can't wait to see you ladies tomorrow again! YAY! It's going to be awesome. This is the first time that so many of us are able to get together. I only wish everyone could have made it, but sadly distance separates us.

You should hear the fun filled events we have planned. T and I are being artificially inseminated. I must just remember to bring the syringes and McD cups, you know the little cups you put your tomato sauce in. Figured they would work best. Then we have a POAS race to see who can POAS the fastest. Remember to take stop watch with....

:) Yeah and I'm sure we will do some other NON TTC related stuff too...

Have a good one and be safe!! x


The Swann's said...

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

I tagged you... Come see what it's all about. :-)