Monday, March 9, 2009

Having one of those days….

Where I can’t really tell what’s wrong. I just have this uncomfortable feeling, something isn’t right. Uneasiness. I’m very emotional today. One minute happy emotional, then the next sad….. Keep swopping from the one to the next. And to top it all off I’m irritable too. I don’t want to be pushed around today or told what to do.

We had an awesome lunch yesterday with friends. I’m not a big fan of prawns, but I ate so many yesterday. As long as DH cleaned and de-shelled them…. I was popping one in after the other. I tried to convince McK to taste one but she wouldn’t budge…. It was divine!!! Thanks M&H for a lovely afternoon!!

Some of my good friends are almost due to give birth soon. So I just want to give a special mention to Jaimie, Harriet and Lindsey!! Wishing you easy labour vibes! Of course H you have to hold a little longer….. Pip is coming 9 April, he will stay put till my birthday!!!! :)

Oh my blog is almost 1 year old, which means Making Babies is almost 1 year old!! Whoo hoo!!