Monday, October 19, 2009

Our first Conceive Plus BFP!!!

I would like to CONGRATULATE a Making Babies Member (will keep her name under wraps until she herself announces her BFP, but she did say I could tell you about the conceive plus).....

The only thing we added was the Conceive Plus and I really think that this is what has helped me to get pregnant as DH does not have the best of swimmers and has not used anything for it as he does not like to drink any tabs.

So Marcelle, thanks for a GREAT product will recommend it to anyone.

I'm so excited for you girl. And I'm so glad you loved the Conceive Plus!!

In celebration of your BFP, Making Babies is going to give 10% discount on any Conceive Plus orders this week! You can also order a Conceive Plus Lubricant with either a 10 Pack HPT or OPK for R 300.00 (that is a total saving of R40.00)

** prices exclude shipping **

If you would like to order please pop me an email at with your details.


The Swann's said...

Awww! COngrats to the first Conceive Plus BFP!!!! :-)

Penang said...

I purchased a tube of Conceive Plus and conceived on the second month of using it. It's proven to work.