Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spam Spam Spam

Wow, imagine how excited I get when I download email and I look at my inbox reading the following subject titles:

The happy friend in your pants will start moving again

Be a killer in bed anytime you feel like it

Supersize it - don't wait another minute

And of course you have to love all those urgent business proposals I get from deepest darkest Africa. Claiming that I've been especially chosen to help this poor poor family and in return have claim to $25000000... I'm so popular I've been "especially chosen" almost 20 times this week already.

I can give up my day job and just help these poor families....... I knew I had a calling in life.

Wow, what am I going to do with all the money? I'll make a deal, the first person to comment on my blog today...... I will buy them a house, any where in the world.... :)

The second person gets a car of their choice....

Do people actually fall for these dumb emails???

I can understand buying Viagra on line.... but come on, there is no ways you were especially chosen to help out this poor girl in Nigeria. Rather take your greedy hands and work on that Viagra issue.......


squirrelgirl said...

Yeah, about 100 times so far this week I've won a prize for being the 999,999th visitor to my own e-mail page! It's a Yahoo page, so there are ads up at the top. Does anyone ever click on them?

bottonz said...

oh lovely so where is my car babe ?? hahaha

I hate spam !!!