Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anyone who tries to tell you to 'get a grip' will be quite surprised at your reaction -- maybe because there'll be so very much of it. Yes, you're what's commonly referred to as a loose cannon in the department of emotions these days. Better take a chaperone along.

How true how true..... ek is nie lekker nie.... But this too will pass!!!

I want 2008 over with. It's dragging on way too long!!!

On a brighter note. We received our family photo shoot pics this morning!! YAY!! I was a bit nervous opening them up, because I hate myself in photos. But I'm impressed. Love them. :) We so need to book a studio session with Robin. He is really really talented.


McK is bunking school today. Well it's holiday program so it's not like she is missing out on much. I had to fetch her early from school yesterday because she said she had a tummy ache. So I decided to keep her at home today. She thinks I'm the greatest mom in the world for allowing her to stay at Granny's.

We are going to get one last swim in, before my parents move house on Monday. I'm serving cocktails at noon, if anyone is interested in joining me??????