Monday, February 16, 2009

Now I need to focus while writing this. It’s been a long tiring weekend, and I’m probably not going to remember much.

We went away the weekend with a few friends. It was about a 2 hour drive to Plek Zonder Naam. We have been there before, about 2 years ago. I forgot how beautiful it is. It’s a hunting lodge with a few chalets. Sleeps about 24 people. Our friends booked out the entire lodge for the weekend. Which was maybe a very good thing, since we were quite rowdy.

Now being a hunting lodge then is quite a few “Stuffed Animals” on walls etc. The room where we were supposed to sleep had a massive Giraffe in it. High up against the wall. So as you walk in, you have this animal peering down at you. McK was petrified of it!! I eventually got her to sleep outside around the fire. Took her in when we went to bed. It wasn’t even half an hour and she woke up screaming. I felt terrible for her. So it was back outside again. Thought I would try again…. Nope she wouldn’t have it. If she felt me standing up she would cry. She covered her eyes and cried. We ended up putting a mattress in the back of the van and slept there. (Both nights)

The rest of the weekend was spent in the swimming pool or next to the fire. All in all it was a very relaxing weekend. It’s such a pity we didn’t have the camera on us. I even had a brave moment and came into contact with a frog. Yes, I Marcelle, stood for 2.5 minutes next to a frog and actually looked at it. Baby steps baby steps. I’m sure working on my phobia.

The kids were so well behaved. Everyone played with each other and there wasn’t any fighting or tantrums to report. The girls played make believe the entire time, we even had to call them on their new names. We had a Cinderella, Snow White, Princess, Barbie…. And I was nicknamed “Step Mother”. I can’t imagine why?????

On the TTC front…. I was so excited Friday. I still hadn’t started spotting. Boobs were aching. I had some serious Nausea waves the entire weekend. But the biggest was NO SPOTTING. How ever, AF came crashing on my parade at 5:30pm yesterday afternoon. I took it quite well. But today is another story. I’m broken…….

Welcome cycle 37……..


Anne said...

sounds like you had a great weekend except for Mck being scares of the stuffed animals my kids would have done the same thing, so sorry about AF girl hang in there it will happen I know how frusterating it can be.(((HUGS)))