Monday, June 23, 2008


I did not win the lotto (sorry for those who already started packing in your bikinis and flip flops.) and I’m not pregnant. Not sure which one makes me more depressed.

This will be my last Clomid cycle. Just waiting for AF to arrive. She is taking a detour through town, maybe stopping for some McDonald’s. Should be here today though, temp went plummeting down to 36.3 degrees Celsius. Yeah yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t temp. But I’m sure glad I did, I mean I would have been sitting here all excited about being one day late….. At least now I know what to expect.

We were at the Irene Dairy Farm yesterday. Spent a lovely afternoon walking around the farm and then having a few drinks. They have this fountain at the entrance. My aunt threw some coins into the fountain. You know to make a wish. So I say to McK lets throw some coins in to... She turns to me and says, "I'm going to wish for a baby sister, mommy must also wish for a baby sister.... then I'm going to get two baby sisters....."

Maybe that is all that this next cycle needs. A little wish from a magic fountain. I’ll let the farm know if it’s works, then I want 5% profit from the coins that get thrown in from the hundreds of TTC women that will be queuing up for miles. **wink wink**


Lolita said...

i think u should be depressed about the money.
at least with money you could have bought the docs off and gotten pregnant somehow (with all the scientific stuff).
or bought a hole bunch of really cool stuff and not be depressed for a while.

Sorry to hear though- about everything.
my temps are dropping.
i love temping and it helps with AF so much!

good luck in all you do.