Monday, May 12, 2008

Under pressure

It’s that time again…. O time…. CD13…. I get so stressed out and nervous. What ever we do now will determine the outcome of this cycle. Well that is at least how it feels. So much pressure. Of course I don’t share this pressure with DH. We don’t need anyone getting stage fright now do we?

I don’t want to see another BFN, never mind AF. I want to see two pretty pink lines two weeks from today. It’s not a lot to ask for really, I mean someone is bound to get irritated with me and just give me my BFP already. Two years of nagging has got to annoy the Big Guy. Surely??? Unless he has got his ear plugs in again??

Mother’s Day came and went. I always feel so sad for my friends who are still TTC their firsts and for my dear friends that can’t have their own. My heart aches for them. The more I try to convince them(and myself) it’s just another silly Sunday. I know deep down inside, the pain and the sadness is greater than I will ever know.


Erin said...

Hey girl! I know how you feel, but it's important to try to enjoy each other without making it such a chore.

Annie Kates said...

I am praying like crazy for you sweetie!! I hope this is your month.