Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Anger is good

I didn’t know what to post today. I am really angry. But don’t want to overload everyone with the details, and it’s probably nothing that you haven’t already heard before. I also didn’t want my anger to come across as too negative. Negative for me that is. I can’t deal with negativity right now. So I’m not going to post about how angry I am. Some times it is ok to be angry, and I’ll deal with it like I always do.

More than angry, I’m sad. Sad for a lot of things, sad for myself and my other TTC challenged friends. I don’t know what I would do without you ladies. You are my rock when I need you. So thank you for always being here and listening, and offering support where you can.

I would also like to add jealousy to the mix of emotions today. That evil green eyed monster that always creeps up at the best and worst of times. I need to send him on holiday. I wonder if he would be willing to share Hotel accommodation with AF next cycle?? All expenses paid to Hawaii!!!!

I’m waiting on AF’s arrival. She is probably waiting for just the right time to make her grand entrance. Watch as I click on the submit post button…. Or at dinner tonight with the In Laws.